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The summer heat is on so is the tag season there are tag all over the place.I wish people could take tags more seriously, interms of accepting them and posting them honestly.

"How honest are u as a blogger by the way?"

Well I may not blog anything, my reasons of blogging often revolves around cricket, but I wish to blog more about politics (I love 'em) and social trends (no fashion and celebs please), more like Freakonomics kind of a thing.But that damn laziness ...

Anyways Anshul tagged me for "Most Watched Movies"


Come fall in love I can watch t over and over again। I have understood the movie in the first go itself. My idea of romance is in sync with SRK and Kajol's Europe trip. It has everything a complete "family" movie. It is an earnest belief of mine that a good movie has excellent support cast. You can look east of west across ages the best movies always have had great perfromances by support casts be it a Mughal-E-Azam, an Anand a DDLJ, a Munnabhai or any English movie.
SRK plays the eternal Raj and Kajol plays Simran in the leads.They are ably spported by Amrish Puri (Baldev Singh), Farida Jala as Lajjo, Anupam Kher sipping beer at time and at times enjoying Lassi. Mandira "Noodle Strap" Bedi (for once not in the noddle strap) Staish Shah among a few.

"जा सीमरण जी ले आपनी जीदंगी"

An Evening in Paris.

No hero has been more CHarming and stylish then Shammi Kapoor. Did u know he has never choreographed and use to do his own jig? I have loved all his movies but then this one is special. Sharmila Tagor excedues some Bohemian hip. Pran looking every bit villanous and funky in dyed hair. Then there was a Shetty, nothing to do with Sunil Shetty. If fteqaar and Tilak r\Raj hold Guiness Records for most roles as Police Commisioner and Police inspector then Sheety hold it for being the Villain's right hand.

Satte Pe Satta.

The original copy perhaps. The first half typfies life in a boys hostel. It is damn hillarious. Hema Malini slaps Big B with some ferocity and Big B comes in latter in a tailored soot and perhaps wins the lady over with one of the more meorable KK-Big B combo song. Dilbaar mera kb taak ...
He looked in some style. The review can go on but then there is double role for Big B. He returns as Babu and falls in love with Rangeeta's character whose has a big crush on Big B orginal character.
This one would have been a musical hit as well, no price for guessing RD did the music. It has one song for the "Bacelor's" as well great song great picturizations as well, "प्यांर हमे कीस"

Jaane Bhi Do Yarron.

It was a flop in its time but stars perhaps the best acptrs belonging to the "Parrallel" cinema movement. This one was a flop in its time but I have know a guy who hasn't watched this movie. The climax is one which will freak you out. It is statire at its hyseteriacl best. Om Puri, Pankaj Kapoor, Nasset, Satish Shah Neena Gupta and all the other make it an awesome treat to watch.

Executive Decision.

American Masala movies, A group of Islamic Terrorist hijack a plane, a group of US commandoes get into the plane and the plot thickens and in the end Kurt Russels sweeps Halle Berry off her feet for a coffe aster the villians are slain and passengers are rescued.

School of Rock.

I think my mom loves it more than me but I have seen it couple of times and don't mind seeing it again. Jack Black a loser musicians sneaks into a school as a music teacher and then grroms his class as Rock starts. Do see it. great treat to watch.

Baby's Day out.

Boo Boo. it is perhaps the best comedy I have seen, and dont mind it seeing again. the baby's featuring in the movie were twins.Greatly done.


"Are you not entertained, Are you not entertained?" shouts Russel Crows shouts dressed as a Gladiator. A tragedy which would have made the greeks applaud. It is an action flick. The fights are awesome. The cinematogrpahy was amzing have seen it many a times. I always look forward to it.

"I am Commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife and I will have my vengenace in this life or the next"


Anir dont ask me to type your surname and was the man play the machine. It's also another tragedy the Terminator gets Terminated. The movie was made agesg ago, I mean 15 years yet James Cameron directed a movie loaded with FXs and did a bloddy good job.

Saadhu aur Shaitaan.

It features the best comedians ever to make a cut on Hindi movie scene. It is amazingly hillarious do check out KK getting spooked by a dead body in a taxi amazingly cool.It is perhaps the most difficult role pran played.

There are more but then there is always a second edit.


Sakshi said...

Hmm. Not similar taste in movies :)
You are much more of a romantic :P

But right there with you on T2 and Jaane bhi..

Tarun said...

@ Sakshi: I prefer romantics to dragging dramas.

Keshi said...

I agree abt DDLJ...I can watch it any number of times! The songs r also great.