Cricket: Series Win?

India won a series "abroad"..It exactlly wasn't an overseas victory, was it? Do neighbouring countries count as "abroad" not quite. Indians winning in Pakistan is huge coz they have hardly won anything away from home anywhere.

Why am I not too thrilled?

If someone deceives me once shame on him;if someone deceives me twice shame on me. How does Dhoni playing at number three help Indian cause? Are we sure he is good enough to play number three for India in both form of the game for next 4 years or so. Don't ponder much the answer is "No"

They have experimented before with the number three lot, two casualties are already there by the names of Pathan and Kaif. I think Kaif deserves a bit better but we dont have any selectors from UP. I hope he pays a courtesy call to Maya Mem'saab soon. I mean of all Dravid, has to be number three and if we look to groom someone Yuvraj has to bat number three. Yuvraj has all the strokes in the book. Alright he may continue to struggle a bit against quality spinners. Dhoni may have got runs but people have to release that top three batting positions are exclusive spots. Dhoni will be sourly missed and Dinesh Karthick is doing well but I dont think he should be there, there is a scope of a better batsmen. I mean specialists spot.I had mixed feeling about Pathan and Tendulkar being dumped out of ODI. It was good for Tendulkar he would have wasted his time there.

Tendulkar lack of fitness coupled with his poor batting form reminds me of one dialogue from "Gladiator", "His time will come."

I personally restricted myself to following cricket on my mobile phone. But what I saw of Piyush Chawla impressed to say the least. I think they should have persisted with him and asked to him to stay back and play the Tests under Kumble's tutelage so that he learns something from an under rated champion.

Cometh the hour, will Tendulkar cometh?

Will Tendulkar come out of his own woefully form and fitness issue. It doesn't concern me how many he scores, it is the manner in which he scores will tell me the complete story. I hope he found time for himself after world cup and had a good unwind and may be consult a few people who know Tendulkar as Sachin and not as a master class batsmen. He plays and cricket looks great. He has to set it right and make a platform for a big tour to England. I hope he and Laxman does well along with Ganguly but I am a little sceptic on Bagladesh bowling. I am sceptic coz I dont imagine they sustaining the pressure for long enough to see India slipping into trouble. I hope they do, but cant see that happening.

It would be great if Bangladesh win a test. No jokes here. I hope Indians not only go out there to win but also to prove the witness and take a grip of situation. It is a weird Test series for India coz I dont think Indians will have to stretch themselves a lot "If" they play as well as they can.I am eager in strange way for this series to start.

I am itching to blog and I feel like blogging all the while or posting aleast half a dozen post all at once. The tagging seasons along and there are a few tags waiting to be dished out.

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