Cricket: Grind in; Grind Out.

Summers on so is the cricket so are the centuries as relatively "good" teams are faring exceedinlgly well againsts two teams out which one conquered it all in it's hey days and one is still finding means to justify their Test cricket ticket. I wonder if cricket administrator's are looking at West Indies and how they have been faring in tests. I mean even Lara could not inspire them. There is something lacking in West Indies cricket, the calypso is missing and it is missing for sometime now the worst part perhaps is that I fear the West Indies will soon be a part of cricketing folklore.
Anyways coming to the present.

India is grinding in.

They bowed out to Bangladesh in WC, now they are making Bangladesh count into numbers, atleast for now it is 4 centuries by Indian top order.I think to no one's suprise only Ganguly missed out, I know those top order batsmen scroed century against "just B angladesh" but Ganguly failed to get going poor him. Tendulkar slowly made a sloth of a century but atleast he would have proved himself of match fintess their are tough times ahead as they head to England and then Down under and play 4 tests needless to say Tendulkar cruciality is tacit.He bats well India looks good. Atleast for now there isn't much beyond Dravid openers may be but Dravid is the only when if you are seeking some quality.

India bowlers did well to get Bangladesh packing in first innings and enforcing follow on. Ashraful is belting them all over as I blog this but then it is a race against time. I think fitness is the issue here.

Back to Tendulkar.

he is such a paramanount in this lone up he fails we know the results. he was meanwhile being peppered with short stuff and found wanting bowlers in England, Harmisson and Co and Aussies, Brett Lee and Co would be licking thier lips to see Tendulkar bat.He seems to be searching something one cannot understnad. The body language and the lucidity is missing and missing is the fun too. I wonder if can back track it all and begin again, batting and scroing runs fighting fire with fire returning barrage with full gusto.

West Indies being ground out.

Hapless is the word comes to mind if u see the West Indies.I think fitness is the issue here as well. I can't imagine West Indies are the most fit side in the world. They seemed lack luster. They must understnad that destiny is dictator's authoruity to commit crime and fool's excuse for failure. They have been knocked over in the first innings for 146. They are looking at the wrong end of a cannon barrell. They will loose if this test sees full 5 days of cricket.
Pietersen scored a double century and crossed the threshold of 158, he has been out at 3 different times at this very score. There were other centuries earlier this week too. I ave lost count. Matthew prior the new English keeper started with a century so did Collingwood and Cook and Vaughan. The top drawer bastmen are making hay while the sun is shining bright and the bowling order is is looking really ordinary.

As for me, my parents shifted back to Mumbai. My fther got transffered there. I am happy for them cause my father never sounded happier on the phone.I will plan to go to Mumabi soon got to meet my parent family and friends and have a nice time hanging out in some bar at Hill Road, Bandra. I hope people get the point :)


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well just dropped in to say hi!
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