Blog: Saturday, Burgers & Beer.

So final there are rains in Surat. They just say that it is a pre season rains. The rains are a season here. I mean three months of just rains.I find it strange it doesn’t rain for almost 8 to 9 months and when it rains you long for Sunshine.

Friends haunt CCD

I was in Mumbai over the weekend. A, a friend of mine, I prefer calling him (A Ray of good hope).I hope my friends who read this (there are hardly any) get what I mean. Then there were a couple of guys H and Ab who came to Mumbai from Pune for that odd weekend. Then there is a friend of ours, I working as a call center executive. He look bold in a nicely trim moustache. He met after long long time. Obviously we all met at Bandra, that’s the place to be. Then we headed to Carters where the local CCD bear the brunt of 5 smoking guns and M “the friend” of A’s who came over. We six of us studied in the same college. It was after a great fortune we all met.

We are there having a good time till the CCD guy just strolled couple of times, just trying to indicate, this place isn’t free, you guys are suppose to order a few things. Everyone order something cold, I settled for a cold coffee, other too had some more of that, the chimneys continue to breathe smoke.

Burgers @ Subway

It was decided to have some Junk lunch, with no one in a mood for delightful Indian food, Subway was chose as next place as we all headed there and a chicken burger only party was settles for. The burger was decent. Any burger that I eat takes me back to my school days, no matter what Mac D says I have tasted better burgers of Bakeries in close vicinity of my school and it is yummy. As we were having lunch I decided to leave citing some doctor’s appointment only to come back 15 minutes later. He asked for a cold drink and he got five. Anyways he took one.

We were about to leave subway, I squeaked “Beer” and the response was “Where?”

Go with the Flow.

Temptations in front of Globus was the venue. Chimneys were still active. It was ordered. I refuse a polite No at first instance. He settled for sweet lime soda, M settled for Ice tea. It was then 3 pitchers that was distributed. I thought I would say something out of Madhushalla but then it was time to rejoice friendship and friendly company rather then recite Madhushalla. The songs in the background was amazing. I don’t remember much of chatter but it was limited to college. M asked me tell me something, I replied, ask me something. I was in touch of dash but in control. They thought the beer was talking, I thought if it isn’t me; then who was it I thought, not the beer. It was decided to pack up and get going, people had to leave out. Bandra station arrived we all packed out. I asked A while going to back if we could stop over at Andheri’s Mac D.He obliged. A, M and Me managed to get in and have a place after waiting for 5 minutes. We yapped till it was time.

It started to rain and then suddenly stopped. I had to leave a train.It was packed to the brim (or gate) I hurried home only to meet my Aunt and settled down peacefully at home I tugged in bed and read Madhushalla and had a good Saturday night doing what I do best.Sleep.

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