About: First Aid.

I attended a training programme on “First Aid”. I learnt many things from it and will hopefully apply these things in coming future. I learnt lot many things and opened my ideas how to use things which are available on hand. It is a question of life and death and how in seconds we can save a persons life. It is all about being aware of the situations and going in with a plan.

I learnt how to classify wounds what kind of physical symptoms indicate what. Believe me there is lot can each one of us can do which would be smart way of ensure making sure stitch in time saves nine. Obviously prevention is better than cure but things do happen and we would prove ourselves to be very good if we can minimize the damage and save human life.

It was also good fun carrying people in for special case like if they are unconscious or in pain or may be down due to fracture.

We had drills for CPR. We were taught how to approach the patient and how deal with it.

The steps were demarcated as “DR ABC”

D: Danger, look out for any sort of impending danger,eliminate it and then only attend the patient or else the patient will have your company.

R: Repsonse, check for response of the patient. If the patient is conscious things ease out, if the patient doesn’t just keep calm. Call for help, Don’t show off the bravado in you, there is a big chance you may screw it BIG TIME.

A: Airway: Asphyxia is the main cause of most death related to accidents or non accidental deaths as well. Make sure the chin if held right up and head is right back with an exception of the patient being a victim of a big fall.

What happens is die to gravity the tongue tends to get back into the respiratory track causing a blockage and air is prevented from getting to the lungs, with the chin right up u can avoid this.

B: Breathing: Look for signs of breathing,you know what happens when u breathe and likely to know if the person is breathing or not.

C: Circulation: Please check for Pulse preferably one besides the adam’d apple in the neck.

Circulation is vital and CPR is to be only given if the victim/patient has no pulse and breathing.

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