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It doesn’t rains it pours. It is not even pouring it is a heavy down pour of much awaited rains. Mumbai was already an oasis coz of rains I think if it rains at the existing pace, Surat may be deluged again. I pray not but the realistic scene is it has been raining since Saturday night, the week has begun but rains have not stopped. There are rains and there are issues which people would like to avoid. But when u has something you wish then you need to take it as a whole I mean positives and negatives of it.

Will the rose be still beautiful if there were to be no thorns around it?

Hello ….iss route ki saabhi liney ….

Rain rain every where not a drop to drink. A BMC official had remarked that they were ready for the rains, I think he was correct, they were ready but the city of Mumbai wasn’t. News not much of a help. More on News later.

How do u know if the city of Mumbai is flooded if u don’t happen to be living in the city?
Have u ever heard f MTNL. It stands for “Mera Telephone Nahi Lagta.”. The full form was perhaps coined in the last decade of the last century coz MTNL people could never get u a telephone connection in time. I just try to called up my folks, the landline was sounded busy I called up my father courtesy cellphone, it is one of the better things that has happened in India is the past decade. He told me that he was expecting my call and there has been no call on the landline for sometime now. Anyways all said an done.

What do u do when it rains?

You eat corn, can’t have just one, and have two. We people had arranged a vehicle; we can request one in office and tend to get it at times. Well the thing was it was packed it poured we made a few phone calls, Then we reached this theater where the Hindi version of Die Hard 4 was showing. Surat goes berserk on Sundays and there is lots of traffic at certain sections of the town. Anyways we went to this place were Surat people hang out, we had Bhutta (Corn) all spiced and spruced, you could have it all evening dripping in rain which was at times drizzle at times trifle and at times a barrage. They cook it in a different style here; they boil the corn and then roast it without peeling it. I and my friend then we rushed to Big Bazaar bought soaps and detergents and things like those moved out to watch Die Hard. We burned up nearly 1000 rupees in 15 minutes flat. That includes time for standing in the queue paying for the damages of the pocket.

Die Hard 4; Review.

It is an awesome action movie, seen an action movie after a long time, enjoyed it through and through. Spidey 3 was much more of an animation show, this was the real stuff. I think I don’t mind seeing it second time.
There have not been many movies which I have seen more than once on the big scree. One thing is for sure watching it on TV isn’t as fun as it is on the big screen.
No bald man other than Bruce was pulling out this one.

Monday mornings …

Have you seen that Tata Dicor ad I always wanted to quit on Monday mornings…
There isn’t much to quit around at this point in time except the bed and the warmth of the bed sheet.

Passé is …

AB baby’s beard, come on man give us something else.

Media bashing Sachin.

Sachin scoring after the bashing.

Sachin not scoring at “crucial” times.

Bloggers blog blocked.

Being lathergic/Being on the heels

Thinking what if not?

Hot weather, awful hot summer breeze called Loo in Hindi.

Remix Remake, re-remixes re-remakes.

Not calling when ought to.

Encrypted ads.

Misers causing misery to all.

Failed (read Doomed) infrastructure of Mumbai.

Not wanting to get up after a fall.

Bottom Line.

This post is dedicated to all the readers who ever took time out to read what I blogged.It will be two years of me into blogging the fun keeps on growing even if there is a dip in my blogging but I am as excited to blog the most recent post as I was when I posted my first.

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Keshi said...

when it rains, I just make some hot coffee and sit by the window, listening to soft rock..