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Yes long time blogging, I dont know this are coming up and everything is coming in on my plat perhaps more than I can chew, there is training coming up, CAT forms are out, a trip to Mumbai is pending, a few more beer are ready to mpore, I still could not find earphones for my iPod, ts been ages, chinese things works till the point Pankaj Udhas starts sounding like Micheal jackson.Tendulkar slammed 177, i guess I see big innings have silenced the critics for now atleast.

There are friends of mine who often pull my leg but he will always score, doesnt matter if he may not win matches.

I am missing blogging.

Dont be put off, its off by 50%

Well 50% off can u believe it, the problem is it is not any one store, it is across, this post being writen by some one confined is space and time will only talk of local conditions.
Malls are in big time, it is a place where people come like flash flood and only a few buy. There are series of malls which have opened up needless to say the showrooms there are selling it big. The last week was spent going thru the stores and choosing what to but next.It is end of seasons sale, but which season, I mean summer ended as soon as shower poured all over, it is certainly nt end of "rainy" season coz it has not flooded as off yet ...
It was pouring for days before things lite up I hope there are not much rains when I m in Mumbai.I dont hate the rains in Mumbai, i just hate it when i get stuck in traffic, cos its like a system hanging out a power outage u can blame anything.

When do men buy?

I buy when I am in dire straits or when its diwlai I guess I m in dire straights of clothes a pair of denims couple of trousers would pinch a hole but I think I need to have a change of clothes.I am in a look out for :- (go thru it its not much long)

  1. Blue Denims, prefferably a darker colour,
  2. A red shirt, I am in love iwth that colour but ever seem to find a perfect shade.
  3. A white half seelves, I picked up one my friend said "You sure?" I think I wasnt, the size was small,
  4. Khakis, I love those something you want to wear when you want a things a bt cooler
  5. Black Trousers, not much flat fronts for me I love those pleated stuff. I prefer to be in vague rather than in vogue.
  6. A light coloured dark striped shirt.I have loved those as long as I remember. I had one with black strips and lightest of pink colours I use to love wearing it.
  7. Cap
Last week, I got a bag for myself. The shopping from Big Bazaar has to give way, coz there is a choice between have to blog it or shop, I prefer the earlier.Me have lots of plans, the training on power plant is about to start, I am looking forward to it.

Man proposes God disposes. Hmmm.... I wish I had a memory recorder, I was thinking on something but then as happens I forgot about it. It is so taxing on self when u want to think about something and the damn thing gets lost in grey/gray :)

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