Cricket: India eyes series.

Indian cricket stocks have just hit the road after dismal one year or so. They have won handsomely. Rahul Dravid seeing India through along with Ganguly at the other end. The test fell in India lap on the first day itself. India bowling out England within 200. The game would be decided by how India would bat. The English collapse to 198 I thought they could have had more but India bowling looked in great tempo and using the conditions more effectively then the English bowlers. It was a treat to watch. The Indian bowling looked patchy at times but always looked getting wickets. Ganguly trapping Cook, Zaheer beating Vaughan for a caught behind and trapping Bell with a peach of an in swinging delivery which any left arm bowler would dream and perhaps Wasim (Akram!) would have been felt proud bowling that.

Indian first innings.

I guess Indian managed to play well and take max use of the conditions. They settled into bat knowing that they better bat big or else there was a fifth day collapse o cope up with. India is fighting hard coz they could be easily beaten by anyone if they have to bat to save the match on the last day. There is no one in Indian team who can bat out the last day on current form and fitness. More on this if Indians are beaten on the last day, trying to save a test.
Anyways as expected Karthick and Jaffer kept on plugging away and an opening century stand only reiterated that Indians would have at least made sure that the match would be forced for a draw. I could not see much of India’s batting I was busy attending an engagement in Jamnagar. It was worth a blog.
I kept the tab on score courtesy my mobile service provider updating me with the score. I knew what was exactly happening. India kept on digging into England as runs kept on coming thick and fast. Tendulkar wanting to have some say before the series ended. He was unlucky not to be there and do that, I mean score a century. The pitch was so flat that Ganguly too scored a strokeful 79. I hope Dhoni gets a bit more consistent with scoring or else Karthick is already breathing down his back.

English second Innings.

Michael Vaughan played his heart out. The innings was full of intricate and delighting stroke. He played Kumble with such ease that Kumble had to step back and admire what Vaughan’s was upto. His dismissal is a tale of how bowlers inform and hunting wickets will get good batsmen out. If Tendulkar was unlucky, then Vaughan stamped on an axe with Zaheer delivery ricochet of the thigh pad onto stumps. The rest of English batting just could guess which was Zaheer would swing it. All folded without much after scare Indian what would be a big big score.
The Pietersen dismissal made me jump out of my chair. It was an awesome pitch. RP bowled a sharp, really sharp swinging deliver round the stumps. The ball kept traveling inwards, take my word it swinged at least couple of feet, Pietersen shoulder arms and started walking. Collingwood played only to give in to Zaheer Khan who bowled unplayable stuff all day Zaheer India missed u for long. His fitness is no more a concern. South African tour was a big comeback for him. There is more for you Zaheer give us a series win, bowl them out and enjoy the rest of the show sitting on that balcony.

Indians wrapped up the match, easy.

Sachin dismissed for one and Indian still managed to get the score coz it was just 63 more to win from the overnight score. It is damn pleasing, but it is not over yet. I hoe they just don’t let things slip by and lose a golden opportunity of winning a series abroad. It is damn important, in that way the game has just begun; there are five more days to go.


Lavanya said...

Long time since I checked out ur blog and should've known...cricket!
Cool victory right? Was half hoping you'd mention the jelly beans incident with Zak!

Tarun said...

That was simply stupid.