About: Rocking Earth.

She is spins and keeps us steady, if she rocks there is rubble all round.

Off late I have been hearing of earthquales all over the world. I dont know but I feel somethings got to give here.It may be a whiff of my imgination, but its something I dont want to happen.

I googled a few world only to find this link, u can add feeds from this site.
Do check it out.


~Lord Anshul said...

oh my god !!!
i never knew...we had more thn 100 earthquakes in last one week. though most of them are not even worth mentioning, but cumulative effect is alarming for sure.

awesome link dude !!

Tarun said...

@ Anshul: How have u been?
I was a bit petrubed, there was an article in Times of 15 August showing increading trends of Natural Disaster.It caught my eye and I thought why not google for some information