Cricket: Series victory in grasp.

Winning is a habit. It is a good habit something no winning team or individual will like to loose. England find themselves being hypnotized to a famous series defeat. It is presumptuous but for every Indian cricket fans sake let’s believe that Indians will the match and the series 2-0.

Indian team a more than a billion reasons to enjoy. England have been marred by the best bowler Flintoff and Harmisson not playing but then that’s not the excuse for losing, their deplorable batting in the First innings of the second test gave Indians the key to the door. I take pride in the way Indians bowled then. RP and Zak making the ball swing and English were clueless. There top batsmen were at wits end. It would not be the same in The Oval, but India are in the drivers seat with the victories to the key in slot hands on the steering wheel, feet at the pedal and enough fuel in the fuel tank and enough power in them to drive home a very famous victory. I hope the rain doesn’t puncture this car! (scepticism is something difficult to give up).

The point is England will (or must,?) loose.

A brief sojourn of the second day third test.

Look whose batting.

Sunny Gavsakar loves to see Laxman bat … me too.Laxman climbed upto more than 5000 runs great feat in itself. His skill and talent is paramount I just hope he improves his fitness.

Sachin and Laxman.

Ram millaye jodi … Sachin and Laxman would dream of the position they walked in. The openers did their job and Rahul Darvid played beautifully till he was knocked of a dream delivery, more on that on this blog later. They played and Vaughan would have felt his heart sinking. The made sure that runs would flow never mind a few edges. Prior, the Sulk dropped a sitter again. Laxamn was dismissed for 54.I thought I would see the blistering century.

Sachin meanwhile is not even a shadow of his old self. It looks to be more in control, over control. Meanwhile some on the edge stuff in Ireland against South Africa I thought he would be all over England but there wasn’t to be a century. I hope he has atleast a couple in One Dayers. He limped his way to 82 only to get out of a good delivery, getting out caught behind poking at outswinger to first slip.

Indians high on MSD.

I played some spanking drives. He was on 49 and played a straight drive which I imagined would be just a single, but the ball kept grazing to the boundary, MSD on 53. he then played 4 fours and 4 sixes and I kept on leaping higher in the air as I thought India would make atleast 550. There was more to come. Dhoni scurry two straight and flat sixes of Monty. Next over to Pietersen block block bang block bang boom.Two dots two huge sixes and MSD doomed. Well played MSD a century and who know but well done.

Poor Ganguly.

His not so good form with the bat continues. I think I am feeling sorry.he has been wrongly given out more than once in the series. I see a foreign hand in this. Its not my mistake, the umpires are from non contesting teams these days.I positive step taken in forward direction by ICC.

Look who’s batting.

In the mania for Indian batsmen, no one has given more victories to India then Anil Kumble. He is a short ball candidate. It has been a prime example of falling in the river and taking a bath. India “batsmen” have yet to have a century in their kitty. Anil Kumble proved to be an unlikely centurion. His century came on in unexpected ways, but something Kumble would cherish all his life. I wish to know what would Kumble love more, something he would love to reply, his ten wickets or his century. I think he will savour this century, who know he might take 10 in second innings, after all cricket is the game of glorious uncertainties. All right we must move ahead.

Dravid declares.

Dravid I think believes in weird declaration. Everyone would blame him for keep Tendulkar stranded close to a double century. I think that was brave. Do u imagine yourself in your shoes asking him to be back when he is threshold. He must have tempted to declare the innings as soon as Kumble got a tonne. But he stuck to the trenches and rubbed the salt into English wounds.I hope the end justifies the means. English are on the mat.India pilled on 664 before they were all out with Kumble deserved hogging the limelight for a savouring century at the fag end of his career. Well played Sir.

Say Hello to Mr. Anderson …

Anderson looks a bright prospect he looked out of rhythm but kept getting better although the series, looking hungry for wickets. He was responsible for fall of top Indian wickets including that of Jaffer, Sachin, Dravid. He took four, although spanked all over by Jaffer and Jaffer falling to him would have only pumped him up. The ball was reminiscent of Shoaib bowling Dravid and Sachin of consecutive deliveries, ony better. He bowled an outswinging Yorker to Dravid, stumbling him as he attempted to flick it and played all over it.

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