Blog: In the last week

I have this friend of mine. A real formal guy, at times contempating at most times worried.The poor soul had to face lot a ups and down in hostel.This guy called me up two weeks back and announced his engagment. I said ... let that be ... I was damn happy. I had talked to he "finacee" to be * a couple of time.
I was in Mumbai once, called him up and wanted to me the girl who happens to be his finacee now.He said ok. We met, I was curious where was she ... She was about to say something ... I got the point, I said worry not buddy beter luck next time.
Now jetting from an older flashback to just last week.

Saturday evening 4:30 PM.

I started fro Surat Station, I booked my tickets from Ahd to Jamanagar on the fone.I started whats was a long day.I jumped into a atrain with colleagues, one of the girls had an iPod which I managed to get hold off... so that helped.I took me ages, I mean 4 hours to get to Ahd.One of the good natured man dropped me to the nearest place where I was suppose to catch the bus.I had a few chocolates.Not been having some great fod off late.I sat into a bus realizing the AC blower is on at frull throttle.
Anyways the road went on and on. I was fast asleep ad at around 4 I got, to get a messgae from my friend saying to call him up as soon as I read this msg.It was I thought about not calling. The bus stopped. I climbed down realizing that the air outside was a bit more chiller than the AC of the bus.Anways I enjoyed the scene. At around 4:15 (AM) the bust which I had caught from Ahd at around 10:30 started again. I took a few more winks and then as I was counting down the milometers and time. I read a board of Munciapal Corporation of Jamanagr welcoing me. At around 4:45 I climed down to the instructed place. I called him up and my dear friends was there. I went home to catch a few winks.

Ziping to 10:30 AM.

waved and Intorduced myself, Hi I am Tarun Johri ... She was plaesing and damn good to talk too.I meanwhile did best of a tired feeling and a camera .. Clicked some snaps.
The couple was made in heaven bith looked charming and meanwhile priest were busy chanting I was busy gobbling sweets. i clicked some snaps. It was great meeting his parents and kith and Kin.Me and his friends had a great time. The ceremony went on smoothly. I was damn happy for him and his finacee who took center stage. I think my friend is lucky to have her. She seemed to be soft spoken and very caring.Not much laughs but lots of smile.
I and his friends had a good laughs as we had lunch with the happy couple.It was time to move out from Jamanagar.I think I was blessed to be there. I wished her well and hoped all the dreams and wishes come true.
The guy flew of to Aussie land last night and his finacee is flwying of to US. I wish the couple all bliss and happiness. I have been told the wwedding isn't anytime soon.

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