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A Boat
K, Me P, D, V
K V A Kp D P H P and Me
H,P, Kp, D, Me and K
H, P Me, P, Kp, D, K, V and A
Janjira Fort


  • Arrange a place to stay a touch in advance.
  • Do look into staing at farms especially if it’s a package kinda tour a group of 8-12 or more.
  • You know food and breakfast can come out to be cheap. The rooms would be as good as the rooms.
  • The pretext to last sentences was the basis that you prefer a ceiling fan to an AC.
  • There are many beaches, road are patchy but towards Murud roads are virtually dessert and there are many beaches.
  • Try beating the weekend blue by being there over there in the week itself.
  • I personal had a horror time lunching so better look out for a place to have a nice lunch.
  • Take your own Vehicle. :p
  • Drive safely. Get your vehicle serviced before you leave
  • We did not explore Alibaug much so this infact reduces to visit to Murud.
  • Collect sea shells. … she sells, sea shells on the sea shore.

  • Don’t worry if you skip a beach. We preffered something which is not too crowd, there are many options.
  • Don’t drink and drive. I mean don’t drink and drive ever.
  • Make sure the cell phones and camera batteries are charged.
  • In and around Mumbai best seasons to holiday is in between October to February end (between Diwali and Holi). So plan the trip around that time.
  • For once you wont worry about the fact that there wasn’t much cellphone network many a times.
  • Believe me spend a long weekend and it feels great to back in office on Monday mornings.
  • I don’t know if Alibaug is recommended in rains, considering roads were naroow and there was lot of up and down the hill drive.


Keshi said...

great great pics! Love the first and the last ones alot. And all ur mates pics too :)

DOs...collecting sea-shells is one of my favs too.

DONTs...drink n drive. good one there!

Hv fun Tarun!


Tarun said...

@ Keshi:I will have fun for sure, Test Matches start soon. :D
Yes a few of them are great friends stood with me in thick and thin.All those guys are friends since engineering days.