Cricket: India vs. Bangladesh

Cricket is unpredictable. But this 2-0 victory should not come as a surprise. The Bangladesh performances on the cricket field lent a subtle hint that their first class setup needs some fine tuning if not an overhaul. It’s good to have more teams, but I think ICC should provide expertise to set up quality first class cricket. There has been marginal improvement. But then, India didn’t get their first test win easy. So well let’s see
B’desh stretch India

B’desh with half there side in the hut, before reaching three figures. It was a Sunday morning; it was good to see India on top. I had imagined a quick mop up and then our batsman making merry. Mahmudullah had different idea. It was like a cute romantic story. I dished it out to Indian bowlers, some going for a few some for a plenty. He farmed a lot of strike and most unlucky not to get to three figures against India. A 100 seems much more convincing then a 96 not out. Rest of the batting apart from a few minor contributions came and went.
Ishant Sharma rocked the B’desh batting claiming four, Zaheer got three, and Ojha claimed two. I wonder what’s keeping Bhajji down; I hope he gets back to wicket taking ways. I know SAfs are coming but don’t imagine them to be top quality spin playing unit although Smith, Kallis, De’Villiers are good. I would like to think of them bringing back Jacques Rudolph. That chap is good.

Dravid and Tendulkar show for batting lesson

Dravid and Tendulkar displayed a master class of batting. Dravid whole career seem to be almost unsung to the point of being unnoticed. Dravid has over 10 thousands runs in both form of the game. Indians batting woes has swung in step with Dravid batting form. Dravid a no mean stroke player himself provides enough certainty for the likes of Tendulkars, Sehwags, Gambhirs, and Laxmans to play their natural game. It should be surprise that he holds the record for most number of century partnerships in test. A little misjudgement caused the ball to thud into his jaw, as a result he having a hairline fracture in the jaw. I feel a few SAfs bowlers would have sigh of relief.
Tendulkar surely made it count. He scored two centuries in two tests. A good match practice for following series during SAfs tour to India. I think Sachin is now in good form and better fitness. At least for last couple of years. So far so good. He now has 90 internationals centuries so Tendulkar needs ten more tons to get to the ton of centuries. I think it would be one of the more profound sporting feats in the same bracket as Bolt, Phelps or Nadia Comaneci. I know Ponting just behind his back with 39 centuries in test. But Tendulkar may just outlast Ponting may be by few months. But if that’s the case Ponting may just end up with more number of centuries. But as off know, its Tendulkar. I hope he takes his good form to the next test series.
Dhoni almost got there to a century. At times his swagger can be so intimidating yet assuring. He got the taste of his own medicine he was stumped out for 89. Sehwag and Gambhir contributed to with fifties. Gambhir sadly fell for 68, al though he was closing on one more century with which he would have tied with Bradman for 6 centuries in 6 back to back tests. But then to his solaces, he in now ties with Viv Richards for fifty in 11 consecutives innings. Talk to being in form. He simply is doing superb and would want to do well against a good bowling SAfs side.

Tamim tames India bowling.

He was in trance almost. He cracked an awesome century and looked in no fuss. He grew in confidence with each run. He had Siddique almost bought back public to the stadium. He looked very commanding and authoritative and the rejoice was for all to see and applaud. Tamim Iqbal looked good in the earlier test as well, by the looks of it; he would continue to do well in the future. I believe the wicket too eased out and nothing was happening till the ball was deposited with sure hands of Zak.

Zak talks of being in the zone.

Zaheer Khan’s control saw B’desh batting collapsing. He has affinity for left handers in the top order. In the last series when India toured South Africa, Zaheer was all over Smith. I think if Zaheer has marked his men for next series, Smith would be there. Zak took 10 in the match and walked away with Man of the match and Man of the series. He was in tremendous control and swaying the ball to his wishes. Zak is looking really awesome.
Bhajji need a relooks. I was wondering about Bhajjis form, doesn’t oozes the same confidence. I know it is just matter of one good innings. I wish him luck. Go Bhajji.

Dhoni’s hat gets more couple of good feathers. If he wins against SAfs that would be really cool. At least for now with key batsman injured, Dravid, Yuvraj, Laxman and an unwanted, unwarranted crisis in South Africa, let’s just hope we have the best teams playing in right frame of mind and full fitness.

I am wondering is South Africans would do well in this years IPL … the questions begs to be asked. I believe only time will unravel the answers


Vinay Sharma said...

couldn't agree more .. great attention to details ..

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