Cricket: IPL & Summer vacation

When it's the summer time and weather is fine... Well there is a subtle clue about the person who wrote this song,s/he was unaware of the summers in the Subcontinent. The razzmatazz is back, IPL is back. Bring it on I say. All those news channels loathing Indian poor performances, all those who were let down with whitewashes in consecutive away series will be forgotten for next couple of months. All the dudes who looked clueless is has few months have chance to shine in Indian Summer. Come forth, the Rohit Sharmas, Jadejas, Pandeys, Uttappas, Agarkars, Singhs, etcs.rise and shine pals.

I hope the tournament gets couple of fast bowlers who not only can endure this grueling Indian summer, but give the Indian team management and the selectors and headache of plenty Spinners and class batsman also welcome. Also there will be plethora of controversies, so also those breaking news, you know what, happened type journalists/insiders and almost whole band of paparazzi seem to have also taken guard. Also ready are people who will watch the whole thing from the corner of the eye, scream and shout only to come back and say its boring.

It a plea, to everyone, that you can scout for talent but don't take the naive performers and put them under pressure before they play their first test. It also a platform for players who have been on fringes to make a mark and announce themselves. It is the closest that the first class players will get to an international experience. There is a lot at stake as well.

I am looking forward to couple of players from every team, hoping they would do well. This however is nothing more the summer vacation activity. IPL shouldn't be seen as a panacea for ills plaguing Indian team in test format, ie opening batsman, bowling all rounders, pair of fast bowlers, people who can perform and endure for at least five years or so. IPL does provide an opportunity to these players Its applicable to international players too. I mean Watson and Warner if not Shaun Marsh can credit IPL just a little to get reckoning for an Aussie cap. I dont know if other countries have got that kinda help but IPL does provide that same platform for foreign players as well. It is also a good opportunity to now retired players to entertain and make some good money.

BCCI had taken prudent steps in hindsight to get MCC and Anti corruption Bureau in the loop. A T20 almost as a roulette for gamblers, who need no second opportunity to punt. The spirit of the game is also a step in right direction.

IPL provides a large door of opportunity of brands to launch/relaunch their products. Vodafone's Zoozoo and electrical appliances were huge hit in previous IPLs. Its also time for retailers and hospitality industry to vie for the pie. All sorts of discounts and repackaged deal etc on offer. Its a God send opportunity for marketeers to explore in otherwise a tedious Indian summer. IPL is a near perfect description of taking global, to local.

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