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A government even when armed with wrong kind of paperwork called policies and misplaced sense of priorities called social welfare would get at least something right working on ground. The uniqueness of this SoniaG led Dr Manmohan Singh Government is that not that “something” is going right. The Deputy Chairman and Chairman can be accessed on direct line 1-800-GDP-NINE%. The Cabinet Ministers play hide and seek and exchange blame game on weekly basis, as scams erupt on daily basis.

The internal policy effectively resembles clueless of Congress echelon. The less said the better about external policy. The government seems to be reactive at every step, controlling growth and promoting growth. Dr Manmohan Singh is perhaps the most helpless ruler witnessed by The Red Fort since Bahadur Shah Zafar. It seems the situation is so averse that you are likely that its easier o find a needle in the haystack than a stellar performance of any government policy intiated by this Government. It is a classic case of of Dr Manmohan Singh having the responsibility but not the authority of the Prime Minister. He is a good prime minister for reasons other than governance. I mean you dont have to look far back in the past to find for legacy of Dr Manmohan Singh. He was essentially the glove in P.V. Narsimha Rao led government that triggers so called economic reform. The only that reformed since that era is size of financial and commercial swindling as people in power looted all means of production and society reduced to the might is right principle.

But Government does find the a sobering shoulder of media to cry on. Media blames the opposition part for everything that the Government is unable to pull off. I am convinced that Opposition Party is an essential Cabinet Minister. When they said the parliament is supreme perhaps they meant the MPs are Above law. There is no coherent idea to resurrect the concpet of India is as a nation. The secularist, socialist, elitist are fitting among themselves. The lonely common man feels lucky to find food on the table everyday and some loose change in the end of the month is a boost to dwindling pulse rate burden of democracy. If you look at Rahul Gandhi as a probable leader you cant stop saying the worst is yet to come.

As the drama of political fist fight continue poor man has little do except go to bed with some worries and get up next morning and chase the elusive dream of roti kapda makan. The economic plight of today's India mirrors the leadership.

The dead horse of economic reforms has been whipped long enough, its as cliche as rhetoric could get, without yielding anything tangible for public. There is enough reason for government to get out of sectors in which gestation of taking the decision to make a pin is longer than making a pin. The government should ideally be making framework and level the playing field, strengthen judiciary and make bureaucracy agile. We must be talking of building highways, ports and airports, we must talk to clean drinking water, education for all, effective health programs. We must tap no regressive energy resources. We must giver the responsibility back to people in villages and communities. We must be looking forward to boost trading and economic ties with our neighbours and a conscious international community. We must convince people that we can design a cheap car fuel efficient car and run multi-bullion dollars multi-national corporations. We can produce cheap medicines, launch satellites and innovate in science even though restrictions are placed against us. It seems the world is looking us for ideas and opinions and we are looking if the shirt is neatly tucked.

In a simplicity India is a largest well full of crabs. When Indian launched Agni V and Risat satellites there were some elements of intelligentsia that suggest we should be away from space research and missile technology as India is poor country. I respect their opinions completely though I would like to advise these people who think India is a poor country and shouldn't test fire missiles and satellites,they should start eating crow. I mean can it get more bizarre? I hope it doesn't.

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