Blog: Saturday noon hunger pangs

Many things go out of the mind,except for the earliest morning call bell when maids storms in, dose some chores at whirlwind speed, the privilege of reading newspapers check out for sale and latest movies and sipping coffee, resumes a day which was begun earliest in the morning. The some more coffee and breakfast and no more chores I then seize my domain, remote and the couch. I love these cookery shows, for ow the craze is on Come Dine With Me on BBC Entertainment, Food Safari on TLC and I don't have any reservations if I get to see some other cookery show. I just love it. Whatever it is, but then at least on a Saturday you want to rule the roost, never mind having a tandoori rooster. It seems only “obvious” to have a good meal with family and friends and some drink, if permitted.

CDWM on BBC seems such a nice concept, I love the background commentary and its simply amazing. A great plus watching BBC is ad time is fixed and not eternal. You have a definite connect with whats happening. Its snot like you have to take a loo break, fix the mug of coffee or cold drink, call up a few people, find something to munch, check status updates on twitter, like a few updates on FB and then come back only to wait for last couple of end and the same serial to continue. Its just a minute or two of ads and then you take it forward. I being Discovery-NGC types simply detest serials, sops, (un-Reality) shows. I believe people who watch these serials have great deal of bravado and frugal sense of obvious. But then your choice is as good as mine. Now back to CDWM I like the concept, not that I can cook or something, cookery skill set is limited to buttering the bread, breaking the boiled egg, and toss omelette's or dosas. I know don't get upset its not even a recognized skill set.

But cookery is something that simultaneously appeals to most of the sense all at once. The show is spiced with hilarious background commentary, which is hard to miss. The no non sense scoring also makes it fun to watch. You can be back to back one hour shows. It may be a bit boring but there is a lot to learn simply watching this one, apart from cooking lots of things to learn, how to be a good host, how to converse on a dinner table, mundane and subtle they may be but you may just learn a couple of things about yourself.

Food Safari is quiet unique and amazing serials as well, it's about food from different regions of world. Its played on Fox Travelers, show is based out of Australia, but they happen to get into kitchens of all kind of restaurants and boy isn't it fun to watch those. It seems a safari for real, sounds so good.

Then there is Twist in the Tale where the chef tosses up different dishes, changing the ingredients, very interesting if you love different cuisines. The one I seem to remember is, paneer-makhaana-rabri with gajjar ka halwa, seems such a rich delight. It is not only the food, it's the stories about the places the people and palate and the feel of almost smelling the aromas of spices, the presentation of the food that is an actual delight.

Food has been the basic entity which bound humanity together as a species than as social groups and then as race and then as religion. I think food best served with family around. Family that eats together stays together. I have so many fond meomries of sneaking out of hostel and sitting at dhabas with friends having dinner at two in the night, or with family for a quick snacks. Its amazing to look back at these times.

I can't get enough of it. The only ting to follow is to have a good meal, weather its sitting at home or go out to some fancy restaurant or some recommended road side eatery.

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