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POLITICS, n. A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.

Indian politics, is a huge case study in poll arithmetic. It challenges all the rationale of permutation and combination, Domino effect, chaos theory, game theory and yet will give you reason to feel stumped after you have contemplate it all. I will be really happy to read the inferences of chaos theory as applied on Indian politics. The results would be amazing. However this “President's Election” has a probable Domino effect on Indian politics, could mean the most interesting cabinet shuffle in a very long time.

There would be many who would approach this Swaymwar but there is likely to be only one suitor. There are many in the fray for now I suppose, one of them is a nuclear scientist also an ex President, one of them is Marxists and an ex Speaker of Parliament, one of them is ex Governor RBI, ex Deputy Chief of Planning Commission, ex FM. Could be a prospective ex PM too. Thats, Dr Kalam, Comrade Chatterjee, PM , Manmohan Singh. It is an excellent topic of worthwhile discussion and last twenty-four hours seem to be a kaleidoscope of political patterns. Each pattern a combination of ones judgment, favourites and prejudice, A great game of bluff is on play. I am not aware of the dark horse or sponsored ponies who are yet to be in the race. But there is more than what meets the eye when you look at Mamta and Mulayam's announcement. It may seemed they step aside of Congress diktat or did they read congress script is anyone's guess.

Fathom this, MMS as the President then we have vacancies for Vice President, Prime Minister, Cabinet Minister, Governor, Chief Minister, the whole supply chain basically. What is humorously not being missed is Clown Princes sound bytes! The vent of election is at an interesting phase, the economy has been painfully bought to a standstill, the market has discounted this fact and will dip on every occasion when it doesn't find happy triggers. The aspirations of basic privileges (earlier read as needs) like food, clothing and house are at an all time premium, at least for the ordinary  voter. The delirium left behind by counter productive Congress misrule is for everyone to see & feel but only the ones who have buried their heads in Congress lap fail to see the light. They see the mirror and wipe it only to know it's not the mirror that needs the cleaning.

The General election are in 2014, could happen sooner rather than later, Congress has done enough that if people come out and vote, Congress will find it hard to digest the number which may follow. The problem is BJP. There is an adage which says an organized minority is majority in politics. The organization of BJP at least seems to be sans discipline. This election is for BJP to loose. They must believe that elections are around the corner, or that 18 months is the most distant milestone ever seen in politics. The fact that a Nehru family member has not been in power for more than twenty years (officially) is one reason for this perceived move. A man subservient as MMS is hard to find harder to replace. Pranab Mukherjee too would be wondering what may he opt for the President or 7 RCR. The Congress leadership may not want to give up power and seek further up climb to the coveted post of Leader f Worlds largest Democracy and in charge of cemetery of un paralleled scandals and feuds known to subcontinent. The News anchors are busy spinning the roulette, it may stop anywhere they will always shout, we told you so. They are doing their bit to add fancy variables to this very relevant case study in Chaos theory.

The other surprised invitees are the regional parties, there are at least two to four parties in every state, like of NC, SAD, SP, BSP, DMK, AIADMK, BJD, RLD, RJD, JDU, JDS, SS, NCP, and other wanna be who will play there part. He fact remains tat congress under Sonia is better placed then when it was in pre Sonia days. A lot of regional parties will look to swamp this delicious cake where there are lots of indulgences on offer apart from money and power. The only problem is because of Congress has affiliates in each of those regional parties and they will be served a very heavy and delicious buffet for their votes. They may have to prove their honesty. An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought. Attributed to Simon Cameron. Its no mean task.

A lot of drama is being played in this impromptu drama with character busy fiddling with their costume. A boring political one dimensional politics has suddenly given way to a very interesting sub plot. I am sure that there is more to come as different stake holders find different means to meet their ends. Welcome to the land of poll arithmetic.


Kabir said...

This pranab is not a genius person. When indra dead and next to indra, rajiv came to PM post. At that time, he left congress and started new party. After rajiv death, he joined congress and now he is trying to catch president post. We will not allow a politician to be our president.

Tarun said...

Hey Kabir! thanks for the comment. We all now about Pranab Da and this whole machinery thats going around painting him better than he seems to be. It is a very interesting drama as events unfold.