About: Bitter memories of 26/11

A week and four years have gone past, some memories of continues to hunt. It is simplistic saying Pakistan send a few terrorist. The Police was quick in denying an insiders hands. its too simplistic. Things don't simply seem to be true,sum of the parts fall woefully short of the complete picture. You can spin conspiracies theory but lives were lost and the city subtly would never be the same again. It wont reflect in four years and a week but we all know it. It's changed not for the good following this planned attacks, at least this time.

There were three posts written around that time focus on what happened, I look back at it with a feeling of numbness and dismay. Please feel free to read those.

1. Blog: Maximum terrorised city.

2. Blog: The Darkest hour.

3. Blog: In tough times.

This is just a tiny little attempt to pay homage to my people who died in action to save the citizens and city.

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